Vick Dick Stick(er)


3x4.5 inches

$5.00 USD

       Michael Vick,  NFL player, has done some jailtime and has been fined for spending years involved in a major dog fighting ring and even killing dogs by his own hand.  But now, only a few years later, its back to praising him for his athletic ability and stocking the stores with Vick Jerseys (also available in Youth sizes.)
This is no role model, people.  Wake the fuck up. 

Dog Fighting is still seen by way too many people as not being a big deal.  Not okay.

Here's a quote from the FAQ of a pro-dog fighting website who's name I won't disclose because I don't want it to get any traffic:
"The important thing to remember is that dogs don’t have a soul the way people do and remind ourselves that our emotional attachment to pets is simply unhealthy and silly. Animals aren’t people, don’t experience human emotion and aren’t our friends. I can prove that by making your dog my dog with nothing more than 10 minutes and a piece of meat."

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